Chris Ruhe
singer, songwriter - USA
  13. Anthem Of The World Citizen  
I was raised on the plains of Kansas, where those dusty roads stretched far away,
And they called me to follow them, so far away,
Oh yes I have followed them, I've travelled this whole world round,
And I want to share with you, the truth that I have found....
I am the world citizen, the whole world is my home,
And I am not a foreigner, no matter where I roam,
Everybody's brothers and sisters, we're all the same inside,
As through the void of empty space, together we do ride.
I am the world citizen, you've seen my face before,
In every smoky city, by every sandy shore,
In every child that runs and skips, in every man that toils,
And I claim the whole world for myself, her trees, her seas, her soils.
I am the world citizen, please hear my call,
In the map that God Himself She drew, There's not one line or wall,
The world's a wondrous, lonely sphere, in a vast and trackless sea,
And I celebrate her comfort, and her fair fertility.
I am the world citizen, and i'll share the air with you,
We sail the same wide ocean, under the sky so blue,
The rain that falls on your tree, waters my tree too,
I am the world citizen, and I'll share my world with you.

(It's a great big world, it's a little bitty world, it's a yabhbeedahbeedoobah world,
And I want to share it with you, with you!!)
  14. A Love Supreme/Jaleh  
You hear it every day, we've got to keep the Faith, down the street they,re advertising,
The latest sad disgrace, a child gazes upward, at his mother's face,
Her warm hand caresses him, gentle perfumed lace,
And i Love Supreme surrounds us, a Love Supreme created us, and it we have faith,
Nothing is impossible for us.
A blessing in disguise, these constant tests of life, steadfast we must be,
A million reasons why, the world's a little pearl, floating lone in space,
A little girl she dreams, on angel's wings of grace,
And God's love surrounds us, etc.
Dios nos ama, Dios nos crea, y nada es imposible, si tenemos Fe.
A Love Supreme, a Love Supreme, everywhere, I swear, a love supreme.
  15. Lucky Guy (4:40)  
Well, i qwerty along, singin' my song, playin' my dreadnaught, i cant go wrong,
Keats's mulberries redden my mouth, and a warm wind blows from out of the South,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc. lucky, lucky, lucky.
When i was young, I rambled in the woods, hardly did nothin' that I should,
Caught alota snakes, caught alota frogs, cherry bombs, blue jeans and hollow logs,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc.
Janey and me, we be, married, almost thirtee, orbit rings around the sun,
eagles in the snow, still having fun,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc.
Wherever i go, that's where i am, rock'n'roll roller coaster, life's a jam.
I raise my hand, i raise my call, hardly anybody ever listens at all,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc.
Life's a joke, and i dont get it, i call on God and i bet it, puts me in the right place
at the right time, wind me up and i feel fine,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc.
It better be love that i'm exuding, like the sleepy bugs i'm always extruding,
finger nails, skin cells, other stuff too, if you wanta consume, you gotta make room,
and i'm a lucky guy, etc. lucky, lucky, lucky!!
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