chartreuse blues (1999) it is, a musical pastiche, some paint upon the canvas...bright splashes of colour... chartreuse...brilliant green of parrot's wings, of mountain moss and secret wild Honduran callings of loud, raucous, muscley, rowdy life...mix it then with cobalt blue, of cold Magellenic ocean deeps, of nearnight skies, of gliding jay´s wings, of my love´s eyes, of yon supine Appalachians, and there we sort of have music, my chartreuse blues, (for youse). (yeah) Many wonderful musicians, all my friends, have contributed to this album... they range from 17 to 75 yeras old, and come in all shapes, sizes, and hues...all members of the ancient, noble tribe of music-makers... The songs from 1984 to 1996, are written and composed by Chris Ruhe.

Review: CD, Chartreuse Blues
Arts Dialogue, September 1997

1. life´s a highway
2. going down to the river
3. caretakers
4. night plane
5. the race
6. now more than ever
7. just so
8. echoes down the street
9. rose of the night
10. keep that dream alive
11. dear friends and gentle hearts
Total time: 46:45
All songs by Chris Ruhe and published by Nine Partners Music BMI

still rockin' (2001)
This CD is the result of some kind of spiritual spontaneous combustion. In '99, when I was out on the road, this Persian piano player asks me when my next CD is coming out. And I answer... "never, there is no money." He looked at me with his warm, rather mournful, brown eyes, and said... "I can help." And, thanks to him and other generous souls, here is the new work for you to enjoy. It was recorded, live, with some of the finest musicians in the Hudson Valley, with no lockstep clicktracks to impede the natural ebb and flow the music. It's all sort of some new Ruhe's blues stew for youse...whew.

1. Waldo/Highway Paved With Song (4:20)
2. Long Look In The Mirror
3. We Still Talkin' Blues
4. Cajun Band
5. Hands in Heaven
6. Swing Low, Sweet Comet
7. Grandma Amy And The Little Brown Hand
8. What She Believed
9. Grandson
10. English Garden
11. Wind Ghosts
12. Shoshone-Bannock Blue
13. Anthem Of The World Citizen (6:00)
14. A Love Supreme/Jaleh (5:00)
15. Lucky Guy (4:40)
16. The Blessed Beauty
17. Long Golden Light

All songs written by Chris Ruhe
Poem at end of Long Look In The Mirror by Janet Ruhe-Schoen

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